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December 20 2008:

Almost new year = no more hosting because I refuse to continue paying and will be busy = no more webspace. I don't plan on dragging my junk around (combo vids) anymore since most of them can already be found at various places. Besides, most of them are already outdated anyway so why bother. Most of the successful and updated ones can be found on my friend Burning Fist's youtube channel. Bad/unsuccessful ones burned from this world and never to be seen again (or will they?). CyberfanatiX (stares at remukhan) and combovideos.com (glares at eidrian) will continue hosting any new projects. Lets not forget McBAIN from MegaZpeed and Majestros (AKA Maj) from Sonic Hurricane for being affiliates for who knows how long.

My Castlevania site, a friend is willing to continue maintaining it so nothing is lost. He'll have to find a place to put it up though because I sure as heck ain't gonna pay. Speedruns will be taken down if he decides to use a freefiling hosting service because the files are just too damn large. Shout outs to Serris and Satoryu for making things happen.

THE END *shoo shoo nothing to see here*

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