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Your thoughts on the new CV games?[NO OFFICIAL INFO ALLOWED]
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Author:  outofthegamer [ Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:54 am ]
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When did PORTRAITofRUIN ever say she had secret info about these 2 games? Last time I heard anything from her, she said there would be 2 1999 games (one for DS and one for Next-Gen console) and that was months ago.

Then I found this: ... .39180.htm
...and I was the first one to break the news to gamefaqs and other forums about the games being on DS and Xbox360--PORTRAITofRUIN has still not commented on this new information, because there is no need for her to confirm or deny it.

My g-faqs user name is fathedred--I made the topics that had the link above--a few days ago.

Actually her only comment in my topic was this:
I just got an email from Konami the other week! Hopefully I can help reveal what they are soon

Author:  Persona [ Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:59 am ]
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Yes, she said there would be 2 1999 games (she made a thread on gamefaqs I think). During that time, there was a PoR chatroom on mirc. She dropped by and gave some info (she was the real deal since she proved herself by posting in a gamefaqs thread right when she said she was about to). The most important thing would be Juest. He talks to PORTRAITofRUIN on MSN from time to time, so she tells him when is what info is allowed to be leaked (although I haven't seen Juest these days. probably enjoying his online MMOs).

From what I remember, she said 2 1999 games and a possibility of something related to SotN like a sequel. Kind of impossible for three games when there's supposed to be two right? I guess that game became DXC. Still a possibility one of those 2 games could be something related to SotN.

Since none of this is official news (yet?), PORTRAITofRUIN has been correct much more times than incorrect. Knowing stuff ahead of time is always nice, just don't keep your hopes up in case something doesn't turn out the way it should've been.

As for her not commenting, I think she just wants reality to become reality, without the need of her needing to approve things. I don't think people like it when everyone bugs them for info and answers, kind of like how she said in one sentence where there would be 2 1999 games and we get a thread with hundreds of replies.

I'll probably have to skip the CV for XBox360 since I don't feel like dishing out cash for a system where there's only like 5 games I'm interested in (360 might be popular in the US, but it totally flopped here in asia). Lets hope it gets ported to the PS3, even though I don't have a PS3 yet due to it's price and it's failure (for now?). :P

Author:  outofthegamer [ Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:58 am ]
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OK, I got the impression that you got new info from her. But the latest info was made public without her saying anything.

Also, if Alucard slept from 1797 to 1997, then a 1999 game could be the sequel to SotN.

You live in Asia? that's cool!!

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