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HOLY CRAP!! Harmony of Despair - New CV 2010!!!
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Author:  outofthegamer [ Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  HOLY CRAP!! Harmony of Despair - New CV 2010!!!

I was almost expecting to see a new sub-forum for this game, even if it is only a xbox live arcade game and even if there hasn't been a new post in the forum this year...

But nevermind all that, Harmony of Despair is teh 1337 Roxzorz!!

Alucard, Soma, Jonathan, Charlotte, and Shanoa all with there own equipment menu items (some are interchangeable between characters too!!) as well as spells and abilities... though I haven't figured out how to get Soma to do any other soul ability besides throwing a bone:(

But each character has 7 or 8 color swaps, so if you play online with friends (multi-player is only through online co-op) then you can have up to 6 Alucards with different colored outfits wailing on the bosses!! I won't even get into how good the level design is, you just have to see it for yourself.


Author:  outofthegamer [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOLY CRAP!! Harmony of Despair - New CV 2010!!!

Double post!

There really should be a sub-forum for this game. Harmony of Despair is the number 1 game on xbox live, and for good reason. It comes with 6 levels and you can download 5 more.

Chapter 7: Based on the pyramid level from PoR
Chapter 8: Based on the underground caverns from SotN
Chapter 9: Based on the Alchemy Lab from SotN
Chapter 10: Based on the entire game of Castlevania 1
Chapter 11: Based on an old Japanese NES game called "Getsu no Fuma" (not sure if i spelled it right)

And 6 new downloadable characters!

Simon Belmont
Maria Renard
Richter Belmont
Julius Belmont
Yoko Belnades
Fuma (from game mentioned in Ch. 11)

Plus, there are glitches that (so far) allow us to sequence break Chapter 10. See for more details on the glitches.

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