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Videos of SOTN voices (+Maria), DXC's 3 form boss+ending.
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Author:  affinity [ Sun Oct 28, 2007 7:24 am ]
Post subject:  Videos of SOTN voices (+Maria), DXC's 3 form boss+ending.

(I just posted this cause this person fights differently from the player in the video below this one)

prologue and (now VOICED) prologue text scroll! better camera view too.

DXC final boss (ALL 3 FORMS), and true ending (yup, Maria was the one who beat him ^_^
(check out after credits, awesome ARTWORK of all 5 of them, Suikoden II style)

AWESOME SOTN voiced cutscenes! they do sound better for the most part. SOTN Maria now sounds like I envisioned Child Maria would sound when she's older. SOTN Richter sounds much better and in character and more serious too. And Alucard sounds younger but still cool.

hopefully we can find more awesome videos.

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