Castlevania Circle of the Moon
Fly up the ceiling


One of the hardest glitch in this game. There are two ways to go to the ceiling but I'll just post the harder one first.

=> DSS summon combination cards or DSS glitch
=> Enough MP
=> Patience
=> Reaction Time

How to do:

After meeting the requirements, be ready to find a gap.

After finding it, be ready because you are going to make a really hard glitch (especially when playing on a GBA)
You must jump on the gap above you and quickly make a summon between the change screen animations.
Confusing? Alright, let's breakdown the procedures.

After finding a gap, you must jump to the gap above you.

After jumping, be sure to execute the summon between the change screen animation. Something like what is shown in the picture below:

When you do it successfully, you'll see this.

After the summon animation, you must see this.

You are now at the top of the ceiling.

You'll see the smoke from Nathan's feet at the pic when you look closely.

That's it! Easy to read, hard to do!
This can be applicable to any gaps.

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