Welcome to Pile of Secrets, your source to secrets, tricks & glitches for Castlevania. We have almost everything starting from the casual gamer to the more hardcore gamer. Although the site's main priority is gameplay, we haven't forgotten our general Castlevania fans. We have general stuff for download like translated comic strips, Original Soundtracks and news from time to time. I must also say that I'm a very lazy person so there is still alot of unfinished sections on the site but don't worry, new games will always have top priority when the game releases and so far, we have been able to cover up all new releases so far and we hope to keep it that way. :)

 The end?
Persona on October 21 2008

Good news and bad news:

The good news: The site is back (duh).

The bad news: I most likely won't be updating anymore since I'm tired of it. To be honest, I just want to sit down and enjoy my Castlevanias without the need to think that I will be needing to do more stuff (like updating) after finished playing. It's REALLY difficult being the only one running the site (you most likely won't know unless you do it yourself). As much as it saddens you, it saddens me too. I guess on the bright side, I MIGHT update with at least the Order of Ecclesia bestiary (I like pretty enemy pics) and the translated Order of Ecclesia 4 koma comic strips (I enjoy reading them). I will also say that my host expires on March 2009 and I may not continue to pay for the space. So you should snag all the stuff (videos, pics, info) you need from the site before it goes bye bye (if you're going to use it for your CV site or something, please at least credit this site). I recommend the Portrait of Ruin and Dracula X Chronicles section since I am at least proud to say that no other site has as much detail as those as here.

So yes, I hope you enjoyed the site as much as I enjoyed running it. You never know, I might have the urge to update again. :P

 Vacation time.
Persona on July 18 2008

No more updates until Order of Ecclesia or Judgement is out, I suppose. Just REALLY bored and not in the mood to update, sorry. :P

 Some Circle of the Moon glitches and the last Basics &  Techniques section to Symphony of the Night: Alucard.
Persona on July 7 2008

Two Circle of the Moon glitches submitted by Greyback17:

-The DSS glitch. Link.
-Fly up the ceiling . Link.

And Symphony of the Night Basics & Techiques section for Alucard submitted by Satoryu (missing pics for now but oh well). Link.

More Circle of the Moon glitches coming soon!


CotM glitches: Greyback17 (discovered by Machinegun)
SotN Alucard Basics & Techniques: Satoryu

 Clearer scans of Castlevania Judgement.
Persona on July 4 2008

Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04
Maria full pic

Takeshi Obata is indeed doing the designs for the characters. :S


 Castlevania Judgement to be a 3D fighter for Wii.
Persona on June 27 2008

Yep, you heard me, a fighter, not an action platformer. A dream come true to fighting gamers who also enjoy Castlevania. Must I also say that it being on a Wii is a very bad idea for serious fighting gamers??? So far the only info on the game is:

-Characters confirmed thus far - Dracula, Simon, Alucard, Shanoa, and Maria Renard.
-Classic subweapons - holy water, magic spells, dagger, boomerang.
-Subweapon use still depends on hearts.
-Remixed classic Castlevania tunes.
-Set traps, destroyable environments, enemy monsters interfere with battle.
-Nunchuck controls character movement, Wiimote used for motion attacks.

Here's more pics:

Simon VS Alucard
Alucard VS Maria
Simon VS Maria
Simon ingame
Maria ingame
Alucard ingame
Dracula ingame

Rumors say the person doing the art is Takeshi Obata (Hikaru no Go, Death Note).


 Order of Ecclesia gameplay video #1.
Persona on June 26 2008

Shows the first battle area, Monastery.


Youtube video: CentroXer

 Symphony of the Night speedrun by Satoryu in...
Persona on June 23 2008

...34m 34s! 9 mins faster than our latest SotN speedrun by Lucid Faia. 9 mins actually spells alot since that's about 20% faster. Link.


Symphony of the Night speedrun: Satoryu

 IT'S OVER 9000!
Persona on June 7 2008

Well not exactly 9000 but more like 100. If you're into Castlevania percentage glitching then this might interest you if you have Dawn of Sorrow. No it's not Soma Succubus percentage glitching, it's Julius Mode. But how is that possible if Julius Mode is so bland and simple when it comes to options? Well outofthegamer explains it all. Link.

Here's one of the 2 techniques on glitching percentage.

Also added Richter Basics & Techniques to the Symphony of the Night section. Big thanks to Satoryu for helping out! Link.


Dawn of Sorrow over 100.0% for Julius Mode glitch: outofthegamer
Richter Basics & Techniques descriptions: Satoryu

 Order of Ecclesia 1st trailer.
Persona on June 1 2008

Okay, looks like I changed my mind about updating with news and info. Guess being a bit over excited got the better of me. :P

You can normally view the trailer at the official site but I also ripped it for direct downloading if that's your thing. You can download it here:


Also some pictures from the trailer ripped by TsahvongLah.


Trailer 01 pics: TsahvongLah

 We're not dead!
Persona on May 30 2008

That's right, we're not dead yet. Since there hasn't been much going on lately, I decided to just stop updating for awhile. I was going to update with info to the new Castlevania game, Order of Ecclesia but since other places do a much better job at gaming news, I said what the heck might as well not update with it then. And yes, if you're a Castlevania fan, you'd probably already know the news by now without even needing to come here. :P

Wait, we're a Castlevania site but we don't update with Castlevania news? Not really. For long time visitors, you probably already know why, but for new visitors, the reason is mainly because we try to focus in a certain aspect, and that's gameplay. You most likely won't be finding info on story and characters here (maybe in the future when we get a larger staff!) and alot of other places already get the job done much better.

So yeah, to the news. Started back on finishing up on old sections on the site until Order of Ecclesia is released. Tamua has been kind enough to volunteer to help with sections like Circle of the Moon and Dawn of Sorrow. So far he has made a map for CotM which in my personal opinion is really nice and to the point. Link.


Circle of the Moon map: Tamua

 Dracula X Chronicles maintenance.
Persona on January 12 2008

Improvements to the Dracula X Chronicles existing sections along with adding a few more sections to completing the page (for the remake anyhow). Improvements are:

- 4 Koma gallery: changed section name to just Gallery. Added the official wallpapers to the page. Added PSP wallpapers ripped by various people which were only found on the site updates.

- Secrets: new section added. Has codes to the game along with easter eggs which most players won't find out on their own.

- Unlockables: Added what exactly makes 100% completion. Added what exactly is needed to unlock the Boss Rush rewards. Fixed some errors.

- Boss Rush item placements: new section added.

- Richter Basics & Techniques: changed some names to their official names.

- Maria Basics & Techniques: changed some names to their official names.

 Back to the basics.
Persona on January 9 2008

Since the Dracula X Chronicles hype is over, it's back to filling out the empty spots for the older Castlevania game sections until there's another new Castlevania game around (obviously). :)

- Portrait of Ruin Mummy glitch which makes Mummies spawn into the ceiling. Link.

- Dawn of Sorrow Succubus glitch finally up with the basics to it along with some uses. Link.

- Dawn of Sorrow Weapon Synthesis page up. Link.


Mummy glitch: Bijou
Succubus glitch: Serris
Weapon Synthesis: TidRPG

 A rather large update.
Persona on December 21 2007

First of all, I'll admit that I'm almost at my limit. Handling the site all by myself is starting to stress me out. So I'm more than willing to build up a staff. If you think you have the dedication and what it takes, then feel free to let me know on the forums (or PM me, whatever works). I will most likely choose several people for each job to see who stands out the most. I will keep updating on what jobs are available in the staff section (as you can see on top of the update section). What I mainly need right now are:

-Someone to help add subsections to the games section. I'm not saying that you
have to do every game, just ones that you have knowledge on. I admit I don't have knowledge for every CV game out there, which is why some of the sections are still dead empty. It doesn't have to be something advanced like speedrunning or
glitches, it can just be equipment sections or general knowledge on the game system. As long as it's related to the game and not fanboy related, it'll most likely
be accepted. The Wanted List has some stuff that I need, but if you're applying for this job, I'm sure you know more than me on what's missing in the section.

-Someone to proofread errors around the site. Alot of the stuff is rushed (ex. what's the point in updating info about a newly released game weeks later after it's now dead?). This job is probably the easiest and doesn't even really require you to have great knowledge on Castlevania games. Basically the "You may want to add/fix this" guy.

There's a few more jobs that come to mind but they're not as important yet. One would be a forum admin which will handle the forum and improve it (lots and lots of stuff needs improving on forum) but I already have my fair share on trusted people who want to give it a shot.

So yeah, for more details, ask on the forum or PM me.

Onto the normal update.

More glitches for Maria in DXC's SotN. This one was discovered by Pale-Dim which allows Maria to exit some boss rooms without needing to kill them. Link.

Another glitch for DXC, this time for the actual remake. This was discovered by Moldredd which allows you to fall through the ground. It might lead to larger glitches but as of now, nothing added has been confirmed. Link.

DXC OST is finally up. Since this is official, I'm taking down the rips that was posted weeks ago. Link.

Map info related to DXC's SotN Maria. Both normal and glitched maps. Link.

The DXC 4 koma comic strips have now been translated (by Perfect Stranger) and edited (by r3v3n4nT). Link.

The Link section of the site is FINALLY put up. Don't know where the section is at? Look at the top of the page. :P

And finally, if you're still reading, an early Happy New Year to all!! :)


Maria Darkwing Bat exit glitch: Pale-Dim
Stairs shaft glitch: Moldredd
4 koma translations: Perfect Stranger
4 koma editting:

 Portrait of Ruin is almost as stubborn as Dracula.
Persona on December 8 2007

Just when you thought the glitches for Portrait of Ruin were done for, Serris
manages to find more! Not exactly a big glitch, but still an interesting one. Link.

As for DXC, I'll post up the glitches with the OST, next update! Will still put up the translated 4 komas but the translator seems to be missing in action.


Andras glitch: Serris

Persona on December 4 2007

A few more SotN glitches for DXC. Most people have probably ran into these
glitches by now. If not then you should read up on them since some of them are pretty evil glitches.

Glitch that makes your PSP shutdown. Link.

Glitch regarding Maria's Seiryu subweapon making her gameplay even more horrid than it already is. Link.

There's a few more glitches that are known but I haven't had time to fit it all in this update. Next time!

Oh and CVE has reached 500,000 hits in such a short time!! ^^


Maria Seiryu glitch: Satoryu

 New batch of SotN maps.
Persona on November 28 2007

Remember the detailed RoB maps made by Zeric? It seems zyyzdydp has also made detailed maps, but for SotN. Some of the area maps aren't exactly put together 100% (ex. part of Olrox's Quarters is in the Colosseum map) but I don't think that should be a problem. Check em out! Link.


SotN maps: zyyzdydp

 DXC Bestiary.
Persona on November 24 2007

Yes, there is actually a bestiary for DXC. Link.

Missing a few pictures since well, my PSP adaptor went poof so it'll take awhile until I get a new one. :/

 Have some child Maria. And some Richter too I guess.
Persona on November 16 2007

Added the Richter basics & techniques page (link) along with Maria (link) for DXC.

 Minor update to the DXC 4 komas.
Persona on November 14 2007

Added in the missing translations. Big thanks to Perfect Stranger for translating. The 4 komas have also been edited to fit the english text thanks to r3v3n4nT! Link.

 Have some Maria.
Persona on November 13 2007

Added the Maria basics & techniques page for the DXC version of SotN. Link.

Also added her to the SotN bestiary. Link.

 Three new 4 koma comic strips....kinda.
Persona on November 10 2007

Added three new 4 koma comic strips for Dracula X Chronicles but a few titles and one entire koma is missing translations for now. Big thanks to SonicTempest for translating them once again! Link.

 DXC music rips up!
Persona on November 9 2007

Music rips up (don't expect the OST to be up until it is released for at least a month).
Music ripped by Chernabogue54(?). Link.

EDIT: took down the SotN differences page because I just found out it was taken directly from wiki. Thanks alot for everyone who told me. :)

P.S. Silent Hill Origins is out!!

 More 4 koma comic strips for DXC.
Persona on November 7 2007

Added two new 4 koma comic strips (Maria and Maria 2) for Dracula X Chronicles with translations. Big thanks to SonicTempest for translating them once again! Link.

 Boss demo videos for Dracula X Chronicles.
Persona on November 5 2007

For those who don't have the game and want to experience the action (or if you have
the game and want the videos anyhow) you can download the boss demo pack that
has all boss videos plus a secret video. Special thanks to voeten for capturing the

You can download it at the Dracula X Chronicles or Downloads section.

Also another DXC wallpaper, this time ripped by SneakySnake2.

 PSP exclusive glitches for SotN.
Persona on November 2 2007

New way to skip the Death encounter and keep your default weapons submitted by outofthegamer. Link.

Librarian crash glitch. Link.

Mega-Power of Sire glitch submitted by outofthegamer. Link.

For people who don't have a PSP and are unable to play Dracula X Chronicles, I'll be
putting some boss demo videos soon. I also plan to put up a real game save (UKUS)
up since almost everywhere on the internet is using a korean/asian save. Also will
put up DXC music rips soon (I'm a bit offended by putting up newly released OSTs up
very quickly but I don't mind rips as much since they're from the game and not a
real OST ).

 DXC wallpapers for your PSP.
Persona on October 30 2007

All credit goes to TheMatrixMaster for ripping these. :)

 "The Chase' and "The Key".
Persona on October 29 2007

Added two new 4 koma comic strips for Dracula X Chronicles with translations. Big thanks to SonicTempest for translating them! Link.

Oh and here's a nice picture for you collectors (I don't consider this pic a spoiler!).

 Even more locations of unlockables for DXC!! This should be  100% now.
Persona on October 28 2007

Even more locations to the unlockables in the unlockables section. This should be the
last set of them. Link.

New ones are:

Stage 3: Sound Track No. 21 submitted by suzukis4ever
Stage 5': Sound Track No. 34 submitted by darkbyakuya
Stage 7: Sound Track No. 43 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Normal: Sound Track No. 32 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Normal: Sound Track No. 26 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Normal: Akumajyo Dracula Peke (Stage X) submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Dash: Sound Track No. 42 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Dash: Sound Track No. 41 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Dash: Sound Track No. 33 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Full: Sound Track No. 49 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Full: Sound Track No. 47 submitted by suzukis4ever
Boss Rush Full: Sound Track No. 46 submitted by suzukis4ever

How to get Sound Track No. 50, 51 & 52. Submitted by suzukis4ever
How to unlock Shaft's Ghost & Dracula's true form.
Where to find L. Vampire.

I've also moved Zeric's Rondo of Blood maps to the Dracula X Chronicles section for easier searching. Link.

 More locations of unlockables for DXC including Maria and  Annette. And 200,000 hit get!   
Persona on October 27 2007

Even more locations to the unlockables in the unlockables section. Link.

New ones are:

Stage 2: Maria
Stage 2: Sound Track No. 14 submitted by master_kamui
Stage 2: Sound Track No. 15 submitted by DrAgOn SlAyEr
Stage 2': Sound Track No. 16 submitted by Conver
Stage 2': Sound Track No. 17 submitted by beldandy561
Stage 3: Sound Track No. 19 submitted by Zang_Ba
Stage 3: Sound Track No. 20 submitted by Zang_Ba
Stage 4: Sound Track No. 23 submitted by MrApple
Stage 4': Sound Track No. 25
Stage 4': Sound Track No. 27
Stage 5: Sound Track No. 30 submitted by BroomStick
Stage 5': Sound Track No. 35
Stage 5': Sound Track No. 36 submitted by 1lokolo1
Stage 5': Sound Track No. 37
Stage 6: Sound Track No. 38 submitted by SirJanyse
Stage 7: Annette
Stage 7: Sound Track No. 39
Stage 7: Sound Track No. 40
Stage 7: Sound Track No. 44
Stage 8: Sound Track No. 45 submitted by buddytdiddy
Stage 8: Sound Track No. 48 submitted by buddytdiddy

The site has also reached 200,000 visitors! Was under 200,000 when I went to bed, now it's 212,xxx! o.o

 Locations of unlockables for DXC including SotN and RoB. Also  some awesome looking CV userbars. :)   
Persona on October 26 2007

Wondering where to unlock SotN, RoB and other goodies? Check out the unlockables section. Link.

Not much at the moment but I'll keep adding from time to time.

Also some CV userbars for you CV fans! Big thanks to *riot_iori* for making them! They will be in the ETC section from now on.


Oh....and some spoilers for DXC. Click on links at your own risk!

Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5

 Back in business!   
Persona on October 25 2007

Two Dracula X Chronicles 4 komas (comic strips) translated by Perfect Stranger. Link.

Thanks to Serris, the Dawn of Sorrow succubus glitch route is now updated! Link.

The first Curse of Darkness on the site (or ANYWHERE) glitch is up. Big thanks to outofthegamer for the awesome find. Link.

 Last update before Dracula X Chronicles.   
Persona on October 11 2007

Harmony of Dissonance others page. Link.

Harmony of Dissonance relics page. Link.

Harmony of Dissonance spell fusion page. Link.

 Have some legs and goods.   
Persona on October 4 2007

Harmony of Dissonance legs page. Link.

Harmony of Dissonance goods page. Link.


 More Harmony of Dissonance stuff.   
Persona on October 3 2007

Harmony of Dissonance furniture page. Link.

Harmony of Dissonance hands page. Link.

Harmony of Dissonance head page. Link.

 The neverending glitches for Portrait of Ruin.   
Persona on October 2 2007

Just when you thought the large list of glitches for Portrait of Ruin have ended, more
pop up. Three new glitches:



Sand Worm/Poison Worm glitch. SUBMITTED BY CASTLE POKEMETROID. Link.

 1st Anniversary for CVE!   
Persona on October 1 2007

Yep, the site's one year old now! A year sure flew by quickly, well for me anyway. I'm normally not the type to go celebrating and stuff but an update without content would be boring, especially for a special day. So with that said, I decided to release a Circle of
the Moon Magician Mode speedrun which I've been holding off for over a year due to it not being completely complete even though it is complete (did that even make sense?).
Basically, instead of timing the run myself for the last boss (since there's no end game timer), I just used the final save point's ingame timer as the record. Japanese records are usually timed at final save points if there's no endgame timer so it's not so bad afterall, although you won't be seeing the last battle in the game.

P.S. I'm just too damn lazy to finish the last boss battle due to massive luck requirements! Game doesn't love me! :(

So yeah, final save point in...............20 mins 50 secs! Link.
Estimated with last boss included? Surely below 25 mins. Also almost forgot to mention Circle of the Moon section is now open yadda yadda.

Also opened a new section in the forum for videos ranging from gameplay to glitch videos. So if you find any cool Castlevania videos on the internet, be sure to post it up/about it!

That's all for now, until Dracula X Chronicles arrives. :)


Since 11/15/06

Symphony of the Night
in 34m 34s
By Satoryu
On June 23, 2008

Dracula X Chronicles
Original Soundtrack

On December 21, 2007

Dracula X Chronicles
Boss Demo videos

Captured by voeten
On November 5, 2007

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