Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Richter basics and techniques

Richter Belmont

  • Richter can beat the game without the need of collecting relics like Alucard.
Attack     Dash  
  Richter's normal attack. Can hold down the button to brandish the whip.     Richter runs.

Back Flip   twice   Sliding   +
  Richter does a back flip to avoid attacks. Attacking while doing a back flip will eliminate the delay when landing.     Richter slides with fast speed.

Jump Kick   after Sliding   Dash Attack   +
  Followup to the Sliding.     Richter dashes forward being able to go through enemies . Can be used in midair.

High Jump   +        
  Richter's version of Alucard's Gravity Boots. You can hold upleft or upright to jump more horizontally.        


Knife (1 heart)   +   Axe (1 heart)   +
  Richter throws a knife at a fast rate.     Richter tosses an axe vertically.

Cross (1 heart)   +   Stopwatch (10 hearts)   +
  Richter tosses a cross that comes back like a boomerang.     Richter slows down enemies. Doesn't affect some enemies.

Holy Water (1 heart)   +   Bible (5 hearts)   +
  Richter tosses holy water which moves across the ground. The new generation holy water unlike the old where it stays in place.     Richter tosses a bible that spins around him.

Rebound Stone
(1 heart)
  +   Agunea
(10+5 x n hearts)
  Richter tosses a stone which bounces on walls.     Richter shoots out bolts where it can keep on connecting as long as Richter holds down the attack button and have hearts to spare.

Vibhuti (1 heart)   +        


Thousand Edge
(10 hearts)
    ??? (10 hearts)  
  Knife subweapon. Richter throws a nearly endless amount of knives at a very fast rate. Can switch direction while throwing.     Axe subweapon. Axes start to circle around Richter and shoot out until offscreen. A fullscreen attack somewhat but not as good as the Hydrostorm.

Grand Cross
(20 hearts)
    ??? (20 hearts)  
  Cross subweapon. Giant crosses circle around Richter.     Lasts four times the length of the normal Stopwatch. Shoots out lightning once finished.

Hydrostorm (15 hearts)     ??? (15 hearts)  
  Holy Water subweapon. Richter summons holy water than rains through the skies. Fullscreen attack.
    Bible subweapon. Richter shoots a volley of bibles that shoot a large laser forward.

??? (10 hearts)     ??? (20 hearts)  
  Rebound Stone subweapon. Launches a bunch of Rebound Stones into the sky. The screen flashes white, and Richter is invincible for a few seconds. The stones damage enemies above Richter.     Agunea subweapon. Bolts of lightning damage everything on the screen.

??? (10 hearts)     Blazing Fire (15 hearts)  
        Without any subweapon. Turns Richter's whip into a flame whip. Properties unknown.

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