Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

Name Description FIND
Chandelier Castle Top Floor A
Tall Clock Clock Tower B
Book Shelf Cave of Skeletons A
Old Radio Sky Walkway B
Silver Dishes Luminous Cavern B
Antiquetable Clock Tower A
Chair Castle Treasury B
Rocking Chair Sky Walkway B
Silk Curtain Room of Illusion B
Ancient Urn Castle Entrance B
Wizard's Urn Cave of Skeletons B
Pretty Vase Castle Entrance B
Side Table Cave of Skeletons B
Teacup Castle Treasury A
Teapot Castle Treasury A
Wine Glass Chapel of Dissonance B
Hero Statue Chapel of Dissonance B
Smiling Statue The Wailing Way B
Sage Statue Luminous Cavern B
Raccoon Figure Clock Tower B
Lucky Cat Clock Tower A
Phonograph Cave of Skeletons A
Stuffed Stag Cave of Skeletons B
Candle Holder The Wailing Way B
Candle Stick Chapel of Dissonance A
Silver Trinket Sky Walkway A
Gold Trinket Sky Walkway A
Strange Mirror Luminous Cavern B
Castle Drawing Castle Top Floor A
King-size Bed Sky Walkway B
Closet Castle Treasury A



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