Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

Name Description STAT
Lizard Tail What the description says! Shrine of Apostates A
Sylph Feather Allows Juste to double jump and dive kick after the second jump Cave of Skeletons B
Griffon's Wing Down, Up + Jump = Performs a super jump. Can be repeated in mid-air Luminous Cavern A
Soul Orb Allows you to see enemy damage Castle Entrance A
Fairy Journal Allows you to see enemy names when you hit them Marble Corridor A
Monster Tome Unlocks the "Encyclopedia" option under the Secret Info menu The Wailing Way A
Eye of Vlad Prevents curse Chapel of Dissonance A
Heart of Vlad Prevents stone Sky Walkway B
Rib of Vlad Prevents poison Castle Entrance B
Nail of Vlad STR+10 Aqueduct of Dragons A
Fang of Vlad DEF+10 Clock Tower A
Vlad's Ring LCK+10 Marble Corridor A



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