Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
Over 100.0% for Julius Mode glitch


So far there are two ways of raising the percentage over 100.0%.

1. Bat Company Glitch: As Alucard, turn to bat and fly up to the top right corner of the room. Then just wait for the Bat Company boss to do the "hand" attack. As soon as the hand touches you, you'll go through the ceiling; warping for 4 and a half minutes before returning to the room. Make sure you don't switch to any character that can slide--if you slide, you can't get back in the room! Once back in the room all you need to do is kill Bat Company; that's the hardest part of the glitch!

Percentage gained: between 7.5% and 8.8%

2. Teleport-Slash Doorway Glitch: As Alucard, use the special teleport-slash attack on the right doorway of 2 different "connector" rooms. First is the room that connects the Condemned Tower to the Clock Tower; stand on the right side of the right door (in the Condemned Tower) and do a teleport slash attack to the left. Stand at the right distance so that the furthest point of the attack puts you right in the middle of the door, and you will go through the ceiling. Just let your map cursor warp (all controls will be disabled until you return to the castle), after 4 and a half minutes you'll appear in the connector room.
The other place for the glitch is the room that connects the Clock Tower to the Pinnacle. Do the same procedure as before, starting on the right side of the right door.
Special Note: This glitch can also be done on the room that connects the Subterranean Hell to the Wizardry Lab, but for some unknown reason your map cursor will stop warping after 3 minutes and you will be trapped outside the castle. So any percentage gained here would be un-savable.

Percentage gained: about 7% for each spot


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