Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
Succubus Glitch

Credit: Serris


Equip the Succubus soul (Monster No. 086) and use it. You will notice a red aura around Soma while he performs the move. For a short moment after this red aura vanishes, Soma's momentum will be reset. The Succubus soul's animation can be interrupted by most weapon specials, including daggers and axes, whose specials move you forwards or upwards, respectively. The red aura, however, stays as long as it would have taken the animation to finish. This allows for a number of things.


Weapon Special Warp:
Time an axe or dagger special so that the red aura disappears during Soma's performance. The attack will be canceled and Soma will not finish the move; instead, he will stay where he was when the attack was interrupted.

Mid-Air Jump:
If you are in mid-air when the red aura disappears, you can jump without the Malphas or Hippogryph soul.


- The Weapon Special Warp's versatility allows for many sequence breaks and bugs. You can teleport past walls, ceilings, doors, enemies, across rooms, outside the map and into Julius mode. While outside the map, the game might randomly give you glitched abilities or weapons normally only available in Julius mode, or power up your souls past the intended maximum. It is possible to get back inside the castle by suspending the game. Note that there are quite a few ways to corrupt your save game, so always save first or use a copy of your save when experimenting with this.

Drawbridge Skip:
In a New Game+, this allows you to get past the drawbridge at the beginning of the game without glitched souls (i.e. Alucard's Soul of Bat) or draining the moat. Get Flying Armor, activate it and stand on the edge of the ledge in front of the drawbridge. Perform an Axe Special Warp followed by a Mid-Air Jump and press right to fly over the bridge.

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