Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Maria (PSP version) basics and techniques

DPS: damage per second

Maria Renard

  • Maria can beat the game without the need of collecting relics like Alucard.
  • Maria can now hold two sub weapons at once.
Attack     Double Jump   twice
  Maria's normal attack. Can summon three birds at once and can summon while running.     Maria can double jump just like Alucard. Can also jump kick like him during the second jump.

Dash   L or R button   Slide   +
  Maria dashes just like Juste from Harmony of Dissonance. Can be used in the air and will reset your jump after each dash so you can keep jumping after an air dash.     Maria slides just like Richter but lacks the followup.

Rolling Attack   +   High Jump   +
  Maria's version of Richter's Tackle attack. Can be used in midair.     Maria's version of Alucard's Gravity Boots. You can glide by holding down the X button but unfortunately you can only high jump straight up.


Byakko (1 heart)   +   Suzaku (2 hearts)   +
  Maria summons Byakko that runs across the room while hitting enemies. Once the cat hits an enemy, it will bounce back and then continue to run forward. Hits up to four times.     Maria summons fiery wings from the left and right of her. Can't move while using this.

Genbu (1 heart)   +   Seiryu (3 hearts)   +
  Maria summons a turtle shell in front of her that blocks projectiles. The shell will NOT turn around with you so if you summoned on the right side and you move left, the shell will stay at the right.     Maria summons Seiryu which flies forward in a zigzag pattern.


Byakko (15 hearts)     Suzaku (25 hearts)  
  Using the Byakko itemcrash allows you to have very fast DPS with your normal attack for a few seconds.     Maria summons an armored Suzaku that fires a bunch of fireballs.

Genbu (20 hearts)     Seiryu (50 hearts)  
  Works the same way as Alucard's soulsteal although much more weaker. Instead of a fullscreen attack like Alucard's, Maria's version isn't. The turtle steals HP from the enemies and transfers it to Maria.     Maria summons Seiryu gradius style that moves around the screen for a few seconds before deciding to fly off.

Guardian Fist (8 hearts)          
  Works the same way as child Maria's version. Need I say more?        

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