Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance
Spell Fusion
Fire | Ice | Bolt | Wind | Summon

Fire Book + Knife
ATK Power (%) 100
MP 60
Element Fire
Juste summons knives around him that turn into a fireball
and bounces around the area. If you rotate the d-pad
while Juste is summoning the knives, more fireballs
will be launched. Pretty good fusion, although fails when
compared to true fullscreen fusions.

Fire Book + Axe
ATK Power (%) 150
MP 70
Element Fire
Juste summons two fire dragons that seek enemies and
then circle around them for damage. Similiar to the
Ice Book + Dagger fusion, but is fire element.

Fire Book + Holy Cross
ATK Power (%) 150
MP 50
Element Fire
Juste casts cross shaped mines that explodes in a
circular manner when touched. Can cast two at once.
More fun than useful in my opinion.

Fire Book + Holy Water
ATK Power (%) 175
MP 40
Element Fire
Juste casts a fireball that starts out by rolling and then
bouncing mario style when comes in contact with a wall.
Useful for clearing enemies on the ground. Can be cast
three times at once.

Fire Book + Holy Book
ATK Power (%) 150
MP 50
Element Fire
Juste casts books in front of him which start to produce
a tornado made of flames. Two can be cast at once.

Fire Book + Sacred Fist
ATK Power (%) 150
MP 50
Element Fire
Juste shoots out four fireballs spreadshot style that
slowly drift forward. Good for clearing obstacles in
front of Juste. Two can be shot at once.

Fire | Ice | Bolt | Wind | Summon

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