Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Alucard basics and techniques


Attack   or   Double Jump   in midair
  Attack with equipped weapon/hold up shield/use equipped item. If no weapon or item is equipped, Alucard punches.     Jump again. Requires Leap Stone.

Dive Kick   or or +   Moon Jump   +
  Performed on the second jump (double jump). Quickly fall downwards. Damages enemies and may bounce off them. Can be done consecutively.
    Can be done consecutively after a double jump. Press Forward or backward to angle the jump. Requires Gravity Boots. (4 MP)

Run   twice   Backdash  
  With Godspeed Boots equipped, run quicker. (Saturn only)     Quickly move backwards.

Wolf Run   twice as Wolf   Wolf Charge   as Wolf
  Quickly run as wolf. Gains speed as move continues.     Quick charge as Wolf. Requires Skill of Wolf. If Power of Wolf is equipped, Wolf Charge will instantly transition into full Wolf Run. (10 MP)

Wingsmash   Hold , , release        
  Rocket forward as a Bat. Damages enemies. (8 MP)        

Special Attack   1. + or OR + or OR +        
  Certain weapons can perform special moves but most require MP.      

Special Moves

Hellfire (15 MP)   + or        
  Disappears briefly, then reappears and fires three fireballs. When invisible, can move forwards and backwards. Hold Up while invisible to fire meteors. Hold Down while invisible to cancel.      

Soul Steal (50 hearts)   + or        
  Deals damage and steals life from all enemies, candles, and breakable walls.      

Summon Spirit (5 MP)   + or        
  A white spirit homes in on one enemy.      

Tetra Spirit (20 MP)   [hold ] + or        
  Four spirits home in on all enemies.      

Dark Metamorphosis (10 MP)   + or        
  Alucard recovers health when he comes in contact with blood.      

Fire of Bat (0 MP)   or as Bat        
  With Fire of Bat equipped, shoots fireballs as a Bat.      

Sword Brothers
(30 MP)
  [hold ] + or        
  When Sword Familiar is equipped, damages all enemies on screen.      


Knife (1 heart)   + or   Axe (4 hearts)   + or
  Throws a knife forward.     Tosses an axe upward at an arc.

Holy Water (3 hearts)   + or   Cross (100 hearts)   + or
  Throws a bottle that produces a flame on the ground.     Giant crosses circle Alucard that damage all enemies.

Bible (5 hearts)   + or   Rebound Stone
(3 hearts)
  + or
  A bible circles around Alucard for a couple of seconds.     Throws a stone that bounces off floors and ceilings.

(20 hearts)
  + or   Agunea
(5+5 x n hearts)
  + or
  Stops time for 6 seconds.     Fires a bolt of lightning. Hold to continue attacking.

Vibhuti (3 hearts)   + or        
  Tosses ashes forward.        


Bat Card       Cube of Zoe    
  Summons Bat Familiar.     Candles drop hearts and items.

Demon Card       Echo of Bat    
  Summons Demon Familiar.     As a Bat, press Triangle to see in dark places.

Eye of Vlad       Faerie Card    
    Summons Faerie Familiar.

Faerie Scroll       Fairy Card    
  Shows enemy names on the bottom right corner of the screen.     Summons Fairy Familiar (Not in US or PAL PS1 versions).

Fire of Bat       Force of Echo    
  Shoot fireballs as a Bat.     Damages enemies with Echo of Bat.

Form of Mist       Gas Cloud    
  Transform into Mist.     Damages enemies as Mist.

Godspeed Boots       Ghost Card    
  Enables Alucard to run quicker (Saturn only).
    Summons Ghost Familiar.

Gravity Boots       Heart of Vlad    
  Enables Moon Jump.     Prevents Alucard from being Cursed.

Holy Symbol       Jewel of Open    
  Lets Alucard enter water without being damaged.
    Unlocks blue doors.

Leap Stone       Lyric Card    
  Enables Double Jump.     When sitting in a chair, the Fairy Familiar will sing "Nocturne" (Saturn only).

Merman Statue       N. Devil Card    
  The Ferryman appears in the east portion of the Underground Caverns.     Summons Nose Devil Familiar (Not in US or PAL PS1 versions).

Power of Mist       Power of Wolf    
  Mist lasts until MP runs out or the player presses the Mist button again.     Quickens Wolf Run and damages enemies on contact.

Rib of Vlad       Ring of Vlad    
  CON+10     INT+10

Skill of Wolf       Spirit Orb    
  Enables Wolf Charge.     Shows how much damage is dealt to enemies.

Soul of Bat       Soul of Wolf    
  Transform into Bat.     Transform into Wolf.

Sword Card       Tooth of Vlad    
  Summons Sword Familiar.     STR+10


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