Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles
Richter basics and techniques

Richter Belmont

  • Richter is slower than Maria and controls are on the tighter side.
  • Richter has higher defense than Maria.
  • Food heals Richter for less compared to Maria.
  • When Richter has more than 20 hearts, Richter will be able to use more than one subweapon at once onscreen.
  • For every 20,000 points you accumulate, Richter gets a 1UP.
Attack     Back Step   Hold & walk backwards
  Richter's normal attack. The tip of the whip can be extended if you press forward twice while the whip is out.     Richter walks backward instead of turning around. Could be faster than actually walking forward but I'm not sure.

Back Flip   twice        
  Richter does a back flip to avoid attacks. Attacking while doing a back flip will eliminate the delay when landing.        


Knife (1 heart)   +   Axe (1 heart)   +
  Richter throws three knives which start to spread the farther it goes.     Richter tosses an axe vertically. Powerful but lacks range.

Cross (1 heart)   +   Holy Water (1 heart)   +
  Richter tosses a cross that comes back like a boomerang. Doesn't affect enemies with shields.     Richter tosses holy water which moves across the ground. The new generation holy water unlike the old where it stays in place.

Grimoire (3 hearts)   +   Pocket Watch (5 hearts)   +
  Richter tosses a book that spins around the screen. Pretty much the fullscreen attack of the subweapon arsenal.     Richter slows down enemies. Doesn't affect some enemies.


Thousand Edge (10 hearts)     ??? (10 hearts)  
  Knife subweapon. Richter throws a nearly endless amount of knives at a very fast rate. Can switch direction while throwing.     Axe subweapon. Axes start to circle around Richter and shoot out until offscreen. A fullscreen attack somewhat but not as good as the Hydrostorm.

Grand Cross (15 hearts)     Hydrostorm (25 hearts)  
  Cross subweapon. Giant crosses start to pop up from below the screen from left to right.     Holy Water subweapon. Richter summons holy water than rains through the skies. Fullscreen attack.

??? (15 hearts)     ??? (30 hearts)  
  Grimoire subweapon. Richter shoots a volley of books that move forward in a projectile fashion while spinning in circles.     Pocket Watch subweapon. Increases duration by around three times the length while the pentagrams on the screen also attack.

Blazing Fire (15 hearts)          
  Without any subweapon. Richter does a single whip attack that is made of fire and has great range.        

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